2016/06—nbn Broadband available in the Jervis Bay Territory

20 July 2016

2016/06—nbn Broadband available in the Jervis Bay Territory

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The nbn broadband service is available in the Jervis Bay Territory via satellite or fixed wireless service providers. The majority of the Jervis Bay Territory is covered by the satellite service.

You can check your address at http://www.nbnco.com.au/connect-home-or-business/information-for-home/satellite.html or telephone 1800 687 626 (free call) to find out if the satellite or the fixed wireless service is available at your address.

If you wish to connect to the nbn broadband, you will need to contact your preferred phone or internet service provider to choose a plan that suits your needs. The eight retailers listed overleaf provide internet plans for the nbn Sky Muster satellite service.

There is a larger group of providers for the fixed wireless service.

In nbn fixed wireless and satellite areas, such as the Jervis Bay Territory, people's existing copper line will not be disconnected or otherwise altered. Your landline phone services continue to operate over the existing telecommunications networks.

However, satellite and fixed wireless customers may also be eligible to have their landline phone service operating over VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) telephony.

If you choose to access nbn broadband, when speaking to your phone or internet provider about switching to the nbn check whether VOIP phone services will be a suitable option for you.

Sheryl Klaffer


Jervis Bay Territory Administration

Sky Muster TM service

The new nbn TM Sky Muster TM satellite service is here. Designed to deliver a revolution in satellite broadband, the Sky Muster TM service is intended to be a game changer for the way you work, learn and live in regional and remote Australia.

A revolution in satellite broadband

The nbn TM Sky Muster TM satellite service is dedicated to providing broadband connectivity to regional and remote Australia, so you can now enjoy quick access to health, education and business services as well as all the ways you love to stay connected with friends and family.

The Sky Muster TM service will cover mainland Australia and Tasmania, and remote islands such as Norfolk Island, Christmas Island, Lord Howe Island and Cocos (Keeling) Islands.

Service providerTelephone number
Activ8me 13 22 88
Ant Communications 1300 268 266
BorderNET 1300 730 302
Clear Networks 1300 855 215
Harbour ISP 1300 366 169
IPSTAR 1300 477 827
reachnet 1300 798 007
*SkyMesh 1300 879 626

Tips when calling a service provider:

  • Your call will probably be answered with an automated recording asking you to press a number for the service you wish to contact: wait for the option that specifies Sky Muster.
  • Most service providers are experiencing a high volume of calls regarding Sky Muster: you may prefer to register your name and number for a ‘call back" rather than wait on the line.
  • It may be useful to have completed some preliminary research about the internet plans offered by the service provider before you call.