2013/04—Proposed 2013 Fees for Electricity

1 March 2013

2013/04—Proposed 2013 Fees for Electricity PDF: 559 KB

The Jervis Bay Territory Administration (Administration) facilitates the provision of electricity supply in the Jervis Bay Territory (JBT). It is proposed that electricity fees will increase effective from 1 July 2013 through the Electricity Supply Fees Determination 2013 (2013 Determination).

In proposing the new fees, the Administration has considered a number of factors including the retail pricing of electricity in the nearby Shoalhaven region and the costs of providing electricity within the JBT.

All JBT electricity fees are GST inclusive except for security deposits, which are GST free.

An abbreviated table comparing a range of the proposed 2013 fees to the current fees can be found overleaf. A full copy of the draft 2013 Determination and the accompanying explanatory material are available:

  • in hardcopy, on request from the Administration (telephone 4442 1217);
  • on the Department's website;
  • by email from jbt@regional.gov.au

If you would like to comment on the draft 2013 Determination, please send your written submission to the Administration at the address in the footer of this page or by email to jbt@regional.gov.au. Submissions will be accepted up until the close of business on Tuesday, 12 March 2013.

Sheryl Klaffer
Jervis Bay Territory Section