Underground Low Voltage Cable Replacement—Kampong

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Number: D56/2019

Relevant: Christmas Island

Topic: Cable Replacement Works in Kampong Area—Block 413

Date: 6 August 2019

Please be aware that ongoing cable replacement works in the Kampong will require some areas behind Kampong Block 413 to be temporarily closed to the public between Wednesday 7 August and Friday 23 August 2019 due to works to replace underground low voltage cables.

The affected areas are shown in the diagram below and include a section of grassed parkland and the carpark behind Block 413. There will be plastic barriers placed approximately 1 metre from the curb along the rear of the carpark while trenching is undertaken.

affected areas of block 413

To supply electricity to Block 413 new electricity distribution pillar/green dome (as shown below) will be installed beside the steps leading from the carpark to block 413.

Installation of the green dome and the works required to install new underground conduit to the block's main switchboard will require closing off access from the carpark to the central stairs of block 413 while this essential work is undertaken.

There will be no planned power outages during this period. Outages will be necessary when the new cables are connected. Residents will be advised before this is to occur, and any power disruptions will be kept to a minimum.

If you require any further information regarding the works, please contact the IOT Power Service Electrical Supervisor, Mark Milne on 9164 7111 ext 221 or 0439 215 914.

electricity distribution pillar/green dome

Stephanie Ong
Acting Director
Indian Ocean Territories Administration