Revival of the Renewable Energy Buyback Scheme

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Number: A73/2018

Date: 7 December 2018

As many of you would be aware, the Indian Ocean Territories have a Renewable Energy Buyback Scheme (the REB Scheme), ‘capped’ at 1000kW across the IOT. To date, 420kW of solar has been taken up and this figure has not changed for some years.

The previous maximum system size of the REB Scheme was 10kW and was limiting for some businesses. After discussions with businesses and individuals and to reinvigorate the scheme, I am pleased to announce the lifting of the maximum system size, opening up exciting opportunities for locals and small businesses to invest in renewable energy.

A more active REB Scheme will further increase the power generated from renewable solar, decrease our reliance on diesel, and provide for lower power bills for locals and small businesses with systems.

Applications for 5kW and 10kW systems can continue to be made on the existing form, available from the IOT Power Service Administration Building.

Applications for larger systems will require more detailed engineering and financial consideration and should be discussed with

To ensure our power networks remain secure and stable, the REB Scheme will continue to require that designers and installers of renewable energy systems be accredited with the Clean Energy Council and work in accordance with relevant Australian Standards.

I look forward to this ‘open for business’ signal generating considerable local interest, and envisage a potential future expansion of renewable energy opportunities across the Indian Ocean Territories.

Natasha Griggs
Territories of Christmas Island and the Cocos (Keeling) Islands