Reliable high-speed internet connectivity coming to Christmas Island

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Number: A52/2018

Date: 7 September 2018

Relevant: Christmas Island

Topic: Telecommunications

I am very pleased to announce that Speedcast, Christmas Island's local Internet service provider, will be partnering with Vocus Communications to provide significantly improved internet bandwidth, reliability and connectivity to the island via the Australia-Singapore fibre optic cable.

As a result, Speedcast expects to be offering high-speed internet services to Christmas Island customers by the end of the year. Internet services provided by undersea cable will also be more reliable as they will not be disrupted by the weather.

Government agencies, businesses and residents on island will all now have access to internet services that are as good as those available on the mainland. Tele-health will be facilitated by improved video-conferencing and students will find it quicker and easier to access the internet for their studies.

Tourists will be a major beneficiary of high-speed Internet, building on last week's launch of free WiFI at Christmas Island airport. Looking to the future development of the Christmas Island economy, improved connectivity will create opportunities for new and existing businesses seeking to deliver goods and services via the internet.

Earlier this year Vocus Communications laid a cable extension to Christmas Island branching off from the main Australia-Singapore cable. A cable landing station is currently being constructed next to the Administration building in Flying Fish Cove.

I look forward to a new era of reliable high-speed internet connectivity on Christmas Island and the future opportunities it will open up for our community.

Natasha Griggs
Territories of Christmas Island and the Cocos (Keeling) Islands