Indian Ocean Territories Regional Development Organisation Launch of the Christmas Island CV

Number: IOTRDO1/2021

Date: 25 July 2021

As Chair of the Indian Ocean Territories (IOT) Regional Development Organisation (RDO), I am pleased to launch the Christmas Island CV, an online directory for local businesses.

I would like to thank the Christmas Island business sector and members of the community that contributed to the development of this resource. The Christmas Island CV showcases the impressive and extensive business community here on Christmas Island and provides, in a single resource, information for visitors, residents and investors alike.

The Christmas Island CV is a live directory, and I encourage all business owners to add, regularly review and update their business details. As Christmas Island’s economy continues to evolve, it is resources like the Christmas Island CV that will ensure local suppliers and businesses are at the forefront of new economic opportunities.

The Christmas Island CV was funded by the Australian Government’s Supporting Economic Activity and Diversification on Christmas Island grant and was developed following the success of the Cocos (Keeling) Islands CV. Together these resources showcase the remarkable local capacity available in the Indian Ocean Territories. I commend this resource and encourage its continued use and promotion for the prosperity of Christmas Island.

I strongly encourage local participation in the Christmas Island CV. I also strongly encourage companies and business considering local projects to use the Christmas Island CV, to maximise the efficiencies on offer through local employment, as well as optimising the positive impacts of your project on the local economy.

If you would like to add or update your business details on the Christmas Island CV, please navigate to the website: and complete the online form.

Natasha Griggs
Administrator of Christmas Island and the Cocos (Keeling) Islands