2024 ‘Productivity through Infrastructure’ Category Winner

City of Stirling, WA

Trackless Tram Trial

2024 ‘Productivity through Infrastructure’ Category Winner

The Initiative

The City of Stirling is developing a Trackless Tram Business Case to assess a range of technology to support the implementation of a Trackless Tram system from Glendalough Train Station to Perth’s premier tourist beach, Scarborough.

During peak hours the current road network in the city centre is at capacity, and congestion and parking around the Scarborough beach precinct is a challenge. This major urban regeneration project is part of the City’s broader vision to revitalise the city centre to become Perth’s second CBD and transform it into a vibrant, urban area reducing congestion and increasing jobs and housing.

As part of this business case, a partnership was formed between the City, Curtin University and the manufacturers of the Trackless Tram. This partnership aimed to undertake research to inform the business case and determine if a permanent Trackless Tram system could support urban regeneration right along Scarborough Beach Road, creating a vibrant and connected community.

For this to become a reality collaboration across community, business and government sectors is required. To make this happen, the City went above and beyond to import a trackless tram from Shanghai, China so that the community and stakeholders could explore what this innovative technology could achieve and provide feedback as part of the trial. The trial also allowed a range of experts to identify the benefits that this type of public transport could provide and to examine how this technology could be implemented across Australia.

Over 1,200 people attended the community open day to ride on the Trackless Tram and provide feedback which was overwhelmingly positive. A Net Zero Transit Symposium was held in conjunction with the trial where over 150 transport and planning experts from across Australia were also able to discuss the latest in mid–tier net zero transit options and provide the opportunity for attendees to see the Trackless Tram in action. This ground–breaking trial has provided us with valuable insights into the benefits that this public transport can provide. The results aim to revolutionise Australia’s mid–tier transport system showcasing this innovative and sustainable technology.

About the Category

The ‘Productivity through Infrastructure’ category recognises local government initiatives which:

  • utilise technological innovations or regulatory changes;
  • consider sustainability, liveability and productivity in investment strategies and planning; and/or
  • address long-term infrastructure priorities and offer clear economic productivity benefits.

Successful initiatives in this award category benefit communities by:

  • connecting cities and regions in a way which supports population growth;
  • providing safe and efficient transport links and service delivery; and
  • strengthening and diversifying regional economic bases by better connecting industries to markets and customers.

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