2020 Addressing Violence Against Women and their Children Award Winner

City of Greater Dandenong, VIC

Youth United Against Family Violence

Contact: Katharina Verscharen
Phone: 03 9193 2155
Email: kversc@cgd.vic.gov.au

The Project

With young women being particularly at risk of family violence, raising awareness among young people of what constitutes family violence is important. The City of Greater Dandenong is addressing this issue through their Youth United Against Family Violence project, which is a youth-led initiative designed to promote attitudinal and behavioural change across the community.

The Youth United Against Family Violence project involves educational workshops about family violence; development of an informational campaign about intimate partner violence, verbal abuse and bystander action; and running a community campaign designed to support young people experiencing family violence. The campaign also promotes links to local support services, so that young people know where they can go to get help.

Community Outcomes

Greater Dandenong experiences the highest rate of family-related violent offences in metropolitan Melbourne—41 per cent above the Victorian average. This means awareness-raising interventions are of particular value in this area.

Over time, these initiatives will foster attitudinal change towards family violence, resulting in a safer community.

Next Steps

The informational campaign will see adverts about family violence incorporated into a suite of workshops delivered to young people in school and community settings. Additional channels will be used to reach a larger cross-section of the population.