Factsheet: Workforce Planning and Development—Attracting and Retaining Tomorrow's Workforce

Sponsored by the Department of Infrastructure, Regional Development and Cities and LG Professionals Australia

About the Partner

LG Professionals Australia represents the local government professionals, senior managers and emerging leaders across Australia. With a national perspective and network, we support programs to attract and develop the best people and facilitate connections between professionals and local governments around Australia and internationally.

Founded in October 1936, LG Professionals Australia is a federation with offices in every jurisdiction and a National office based in Canberra. LG Professionals Australia is committed to the development and improvement of local government management, encouraging high professional and ethical standards in the sector and ensuring that members are at the forefront of change and innovation.

Workforce Planning and Development Award

Local governments in Australia is the direct provider of local services and infrastructure, and requires a diverse workforce that encompasses a wide range of occupations. The sector employs over 189,000 employees and often serves as the major employer in their local communities, especially in regional areas.

The Workforce Planning and Development Award aims to recognise and celebrate local governments that have implemented innovative and effective workforce development and planning initiatives to attract, retain and skill up workers in the face of changing workforce demographics and needs, and the impact of technology and artificial intelligence. Projects should have commenced within the last 12 months by the time of entry.

This may include projects or initiatives that:

  • identify needs and skills gap and create opportunities to reskill or skill up employees
  • identify innovative ways to attract young talent to join local government, especially in regional areas
  • training and development approaches that are unique or innovative
  • identify support or creative working arrangements for mature age workers or newly retired workers