Factsheet: Boosting Productivity through Infrastructure

Sponsored by the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development

About the sponsor

The Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development supports the Australian Government to respond to emerging, and critical issues affecting the nation, including: growing demand for infrastructure and transport; improving the social and economic outcomes for Australia's regions; dealing with the opportunities and challenges presented by projected population and demographic changes; and increasing Australia's productivity. The Department helps manage the Government's significant investments in infrastructure, with the aim of improving national and local productivity and increasing the economic, social and sustainable well-being of Australian communities.

Infrastructure investment and planning is essential for managing growth and enhancing productivity. It relies on collaboration across all levels of government and industry.

Boosting Productivity through Infrastructure Award

As Australia's population and economy grow and new opportunities and challenges emerge, the growth in demand for infrastructure and access to transport systems across all modes, in both our urban and regional centres will intensify. So too will the challenges in managing increased urbanisation and social and economic pressures in our regions. Therefore, we need to ensure Australia's infrastructure and transport systems attract the investment needed for a fully functioning, efficient and productive economy.

The Boosting Productivity through Infrastructure Award recognises forward thinking local governments that are contributing to the Australian Government's plan to invest in more modern infrastructure to boost productivity.

For example for this award you could enter projects which demonstrate:

  • consideration of opportunities to enhance infrastructure service delivery through the use of pricing mechanisms, technological solutions and/or regulatory changes;
  • consideration of innovative delivery options which support greater private sector involvement in public infrastructure provision;
  • understanding of sustainability, liveability and productivity in investment strategy and planning;
  • clear economic productivity benefits which address identified long term infrastructure priorities to strengthen and diversify the regional economic base;
  • building capacity and diversity of regional economies including through facilitating local partnerships between all levels of government and local communities;
  • planning in and coordination of transport and other infrastructure;
  • better use of existing infrastructure; and/or
  • delivery of high benefit infrastructure projects with sound governance.