Statement on ownership of Norfolk Island International Airport

I want to address community concerns about the Norfolk Island Regional Council’s recent report
on options for the management of the airport.

Under the administration arrangements for Council, NIRC is required to address the
recommendations made in the 2020 independent audits and 2021 public inquiry. One of these
recommended the transfer of ownership and management of the airport to the Commonwealth.
Administrator Mike Colreavy has now presented a proposal on this matter.

Let me be clear. The Australian Government will not be entering into any discussions or
negotiations with NIRC on the airport or other asset transfer proposals until after a democratically
elected local governing body is back in place on Norfolk Island.

The focus of the Australian Government and the Norfolk Island Governance Committee (NIGC) is
the development of a new model of governance for Norfolk Island. The work to restore a
community-led form of democracy is being progressed as the key priority.

Any transfer of assets to or from the Commonwealth and the Council will be matters for
consideration by the new local governing body.

George Plant
Administrator of Norfolk Island

11 April 2024