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ABC and SBS board appointments

Current regulation requires that a merit-based selection process is used to appoint non-executive Directors to the boards of the ABC and SBS, including their Chairs.

Under the Australian Broadcasting Corporation Act 1983 and the Special Broadcasting Service Act 1991, a merit-based process must be followed before the appointment of new non‑executive Directors (including the Chairperson) to the ABC and SBS Boards by the Governor‑General.

An independent Nomination Panel (the Panel) advertises vacancies and assesses applications against merit-based selection criteria. The Panel provides the Australian Government with a report nominating at least three people for each vacancy. The Australian Government then makes a recommendation to the Governor-General who is responsible for appointing non-executive Directors to the ABC and SBS Boards (other than the Managing Directors and the ABC staff-elected director).

Future ABC and SBS Board vacancies

Upcoming vacancies on the ABC and SBS Boards will be advertised on our website as they become available.

More information

Appointment to the ABC and SBS Board—information about the appointment process

Published 28th Jul 2016

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This document sets out information about appointments of non-executive Directors to the ABC and SBS boards, including the roles of the Department of Communications and the Arts, the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, the Nomination Panel, the Minister for Communications and the Arts, and the Prime Minister. Information in this document relates to the appointment of the Chairpersons and other non executive Directors to both boards. This document does not address the election of the staff elected Director to the ABC Board.