SBS Relocation Feasibility Study

The Australian Government has commissioned a feasibility study into a possible relocation of the Special Broadcasting Service (SBS) from its Artarmon headquarters in New South Wales (NSW) to Western Sydney, alongside the provision of a multi-purpose space for content creation and public use.

The Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development, Communications and the Arts is leading the feasibility study in close collaboration with the SBS. The study will examine:

  • the feasibility of relocating the SBS from Artarmon to Western Sydney
  • the best process to identify feasible site/s that could incorporate SBS and a multi-purpose space for content creation and public use
  • feasible site/s and a preferred site and funding model, if relocation is found by the SBS Board to be feasible.

As the SBS Board is the decision maker on any relocation of SBS, taking into account its obligations under the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013 and the Special Broadcasting Service Act 1991, SBS will be a vital partner in the feasibility study.

Study Terms of Reference

When and how will the study be undertaken?

The study will be delivered by a steering committee, with support from the department.

Work will begin with an initial feasibility assessment conducted in close consultation with SBS. If it is assessed that relocation is not feasible, and the SBS Board agrees, the study will end at this stage.

If it is assessed that relocation is feasible, and the SBS Board agrees, the study will then progress to a public call for expressions of interest for Western Sydney sites. The public call for expressions of interest is expected to occur later in 2023 / early 2024, and will be followed by a formal evaluation of responses to identify an optimal location.

Further information on the study progress and on the timing of any public expression of interest process which may occur will be published on this page when it becomes available.

Who will be involved?

The department will be working closely with SBS throughout the study. Under the Special Broadcasting Service Act 1991 any decision on whether to relocate SBS and the location and suitability of any new premises for SBS, is ultimately a matter for the SBS Board.

The SBS Relocation Feasibility Study Steering Committee will be responsible for making any recommendations in respect of preferred location/s and for ensuring any processes undertaken comply with applicable legislation and policies.

The Minister for Communications will assess and act on steering committee and department advice over the life of the project. The Australian Government is ultimately responsible for all Commonwealth public sector activities and resource investments, including setting policy priorities that drive resource investments, reviewing analysis of investment proposals and prioritising and funding investments.

An external probity advisor, the Australian Government Solicitor (AGS), has been engaged to prepare a probity framework for the project and to advise the steering committee and the department throughout the project in order to ensure engagement with interested parties and the conduct of the project is consistent with Commonwealth meets probity requirements.

Probity Framework

The department has engaged the AGS as external probity advisor and to develop a probity framework to ensure the integrity of the project is maintained.

The probity framework establishes the probity principles and procedures that apply throughout the SBS Relocation Feasibility Study, and establishes the standards of practice, behaviour and responsibilities for personnel involved in the study.

For more information see the SBS Relocation Feasibility Study Probity Framework (PDF: 564 KB).

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