Planning a safe break

Exploring your local region this year? Make sure you think about a communication plan so your break is a safe and relaxing one.

From coastal escapes to mountain vistas, Australia has incredible natural landscapes to explore—right on our doorstep.

Australia also has a long history of natural disasters, including bushfires, floods and cyclones, so it's important to plan ahead to get the most out of your break. One easy way to be prepared is to make sure you have an emergency plan which should also cover how you will stay connected if phone and internet services are impacted, and what back-up options you might need.

If you live in, or plan to visit, an area at risk of natural disasters this year, there are some simple steps you can follow to be prepared:

  • Prepare an emergency plan, including communications options, and let your loved ones know about your plans in advance before you need to act on them.
  • In your emergency kit, include a portable, battery-powered radio, a spare set of new batteries and a paper copy of contact details of family, friends and emergency contacts.
  • Keep your mobile charged and have a backup power source, such as a fully charged power bank.
  • Monitor your local information sources over radio, online and TV, and follow advice from emergency personnel, warnings and alerts.
  • If you're concerned for your safety, don't wait to be told to evacuate – prepare and leave early.

Watch our animation for more tips on being prepared and travelling safe:

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