Funding to support Australia's 5G rollout

The Government has announced $29.2 million to trial 5G use across different industry sectors and improve management of radiofrequency spectrum.

The funding is part of the Digital Business Plan announced for the 2020–21 Budget and includes:

  • $22.1 million to establish the Australian 5G Innovation Initiative, to encourage 5G commercial trials and testbeds in key industry sectors
  • $1.8 million over two years to invest in systems that allow more efficient spectrum allocation, and
  • $5.3 million over two years to update and simplify the digital spectrum licence system.

The Australian Communications and Media Authority will receive the funding to invest in the new digital auction and spectrum licence systems.

The aim of the Australian 5G Innovation Initiative is to test and develop 5G applications, services and products to demonstrate the benefits for businesses to adopt 5G solutions.

This will help businesses, including small to medium enterprises, to demonstrate the wide range of capabilities for commercial and industrial uses of 5G including smart factories and warehousing, logistics management and autonomous vehicles. A discussion paper on the initiative will be released in the coming months.

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