Drink-driving Arrests and Alcohol-Related Crashes: Results from the Linkage of Western Australian Arrest and Crash Records (1987–1995)


Records of all reported road crashes occurring in Western Australia between 1987 and 1995 were linked with records of all drink-driving arrests in the sameperiod. All drink-driving arrests and all road crashes experienced by each driver over the period were identified. An "alcohol-related" crash was defined as being one that resulted in a drink-driving arrest. About 7% of all drink-driving arrests were made as a result of a crash. Those drivers arrested for drink-driving, who were subsequently involved in a road crash, were identified and compared with similar drivers not involved in crashes. Drivers who had already been involved in one alcohol-related crash, or who were involved in alcohol-related crashes at younger ages, were significantly more likely to drink, drive and crash again.

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Type: Research and Analysis Report
Sub Type: Grant
Author(s): Diana L Rosman, Anna M Ferrante & Yuval Marom University of Western Australia
Topics: Alcohol, Enforcement
Publication Date: 01/01/98