CR 99: Long distance truck drivers: on-road performance and economic reward (1991)


This study was undertaken to explore the underlying factors influencing the on-road behaviour of long distance truck drivers. A survey of 820 long distance truck drivers was conducted to collect the data for the study. Detailed information was obtained on the income of drivers, work routines in the industry, the incidence of schedules, and aspects of the driver's behaviour such as propensity to speed and the use of stimulant drugs. An econometric modelling system was developed to analyse the linkages between on-road performance and the economic rewards associated with the overall trucking activity and the competitive forces operating in the industry.

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Type: Research and Analysis Report
Sub Type: Consultant Report
Author(s): DA Hensher, HC Battellino, JL Gee & RF Daniels
Topics: Economic, Fatigue, Heavy vehicle
Publication Date: 01/12/91