CR 32: Seat belt wearing in the Canberra region—observations of occupants and interviews with drivers (1983)


Vehicle occupants were observed at five classes of site (driveway service and self-serve service stations, fast food outlets, parking areas, signalised intersection) in the Canberra region. The rate of seat belt wearing, the primary variable, varied significantly over the classes of site. The rate was low for occupants with static seat belts, for young occupants, and on days when the road surface was dry. Drivers were interviewed at four classes of site (signalised intersections were excluded). The wearing rate was low for drivers who travelled 30km or more on their last trip, for drivers who travelled 40km or more on one day or 25,000km or more in on year and for drivers with a formal education of three years or less at High School.

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Type: Research and Analysis Report
Sub Type: Consultant Report
Author(s): D G Pederson & H C Mahon
Topics: Seat belts
Publication Date: 01/12/83