Charting Australia’s Maritime Emissions Reductions

Charting Australia's Maritime Emissions Reductions

Shipping is vital to Australia's economy and well-being—transporting over 99% of our international trade volume. In 2021–22, the domestic maritime sector emitted around 2 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions, or 2.2% of Australia's transport emissions and 0.4% of total national emissions.

As part of the development of a National Transport and Infrastructure Net Zero Roadmap and Action Plan, the Australian Government is working closely with the maritime industry to develop a Maritime Emissions Reduction National Action Plan (MERNAP) in 2023–24.

The MERNAP will set the strategic direction and recommend actions to decarbonise our maritime transport sector, as well as contribute towards reducing international shipping emissions. The plan will seek to identify opportunities and future-proof the domestic maritime industry, ensuring Australia benefits from the global net zero maritime transition.

How can I have my say?

The Government is publishing a series of issues papers for information and consultation on a range of maritime decarbonisation topics to inform the MERNAP's development. Published papers are shown in the table below. Please regularly check this page for the latest papers and further updates. Please send all feedback to

Scoping paper, consultative group analysis and feedback, finalise and publish on website, issues papers, consultative group analysis and feedback, finalise and publish on website, draft MERNAP, consultative group analysis and feedback, submit to government (mid 2024), government response to MERNAP.
Publication Consultation
  1. MERNAP Scoping Paper (PDF 292 KB)
    Outlines the proposed approach to the development of the MERNAP.
For information only
  1. MERNAP Background
    Includes basic facts and figures pertinent to the Australian maritime sector, its carbon footprint and Australia's trade patterns.
For information only
  1. MERNAP Issues Paper 1: Regulation and Standards (PDF 394 KB)
    Outlines Australia's domestic regulatory environment and seeks to identify regulatory barriers to maritime decarbonisation.
Consultation closed on 22 September 2023
  1. MERNAP Issues Paper 2: Energy Sources and Technologies (PDF: 1 MB) Outlines low emissions energy provision and technologies for the maritime sector, and seeks industry feedback.
Consultation open until 2 February 2024