Shipping Business Unit Industry Bulletin 6

Publication and notification of Applications

Stakeholders may be aware of a recent Full Federal Court decision (Maritime Union of Australia v Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development ([2015] FCAFC 187, 17 December 2015). As a result of this decision, the information published on the Department's website in accordance with paragraph 30(a) of the Coastal Trading (Revitalising Australian Shipping) Act 2012 (the Act), and notified in accordance with paragraph 30(b) of the Act will now include the name of the applicant and the information provided in the application in relation to vessel name, in addition to the information which is currently published.

The same will apply in relation to the publication and notification of applications for variations of temporary licences to include new matters under Part 4 Division 2 Subdivision D of the Act and to notification of applications under Part 4 Division 2 Subdivision C of the Act.

Subparagraph 30(a)(i) of the Act requires the Minister to delete from the copy published on the website information that the Minister is satisfied is commercial in confidence. If an applicant considers any aspect of its application is commercial in confidence, the applicant should state this, identify which information it claims is commercial in confidence and provide information which supports and substantiates this claim. This information should be provided to the Shipping Business Unit at the time the application is lodged.

If you have any queries please contact the Shipping Business Unit by phone (02) 6274 7474 or email