General Licence Reports Summary 2016–2017

Category of TradeCargo DescriptionAggregated VolumeVolume/Amount Type
Container N/A 125,051 TEU
Dry Bulk Cement 1,515,080 MT
Dry Bulk Clinker 12,047 MT
Dry Bulk Coal 466,698 MT
Dry Bulk Dolomite 205,119 MT
Dry Bulk Gypsum 445,207 MT
Dry Bulk Iron Ore 607,058 MT
Dry Bulk Magnetite 1,486,249 MT
Dry Bulk Other 2,003,836 MT
General Cargo 20Ft Container 3 TEU
General Cargo Break Bulk 16,652 UNIT
General Cargo Livestock 53,992 UNIT
General Cargo Other 164,279 MT
General Cargo Other 4 UNIT
General Cargo Road Vehicles and Transport Equirpments 1,695 UNIT
General Cargo RoRo 299,591 TEU
Passengers N/A 437,277 PAX