Telecommunications Disaster Resilience Innovation program—draft grant opportunity guidelines

The department is seeking stakeholder feedback on the draft grant opportunity guidelines for Round 1 and 2 of the Telecommunications Disaster Resilience Innovation program.

Why we want your input

We want to make sure that the telecommunications industry, research organisations and state and local government stakeholders are able to have their say on this program’s draft grant opportunity guidelines before they are finalised and a call for applications is made.

How you can voice your opinion

You can provide feedback on the draft guidelines by either uploading your submission or emailing us at by 5pm AEST on Friday 9 June 2023.

What will be the outcome of this consultation?

Your submissions will help us finalise the guidelines we’ve drafted as well as ensure that this program's objectives are met.

The Issue

We are seeking feedback on the draft grant opportunity guidelines (the draft Guidelines) for Rounds 1 and 2 of the Telecommunications Disaster Resilience program (the Program).

More information is available on the Telecommunications Disaster Resilience Innovation Program's webpage.

The Australian Government has committed $50 million to the Program over two funding rounds.

Round 1 will focus on funding innovative, power-based solutions to strengthen the resilience of telecommunications against the impacts of power outages, which is regarded as one of the most common occurrences during natural disasters.

Round 2 will focus on other innovative telecommunications technologies that will not only improve the resilience of telecommunications, but also the redundancy and availability of service during and following a natural disaster.

The draft Guidelines indicate the eligibility criteria for participants and activities under each of the Rounds; the proposed assessment criteria; and the process for prospective applications.

We welcome your feedback on the draft Guidelines to ensure they meet the Program's objectives.

Submissions close at 5pm on Friday 9 June 2023.

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11 May 2023 00:00 AEST
09 Jun 2023 17:00 AEST
This consultation is closed.