Road Traffic Injury in Western Sydney: Serious Motor Vehicle Occupant Injury in the Wentworth and Western Sydney Health Areas

This investigation aimed to characterise serious road traffic injury in the Wentworth (WHA) and Western Sydney (WSHA) Health Areas in Western Sydney and explain an observed excess of road traffic deaths in one Area (WHA standardised mortality ratio for male road traffic injury 135.8, 99 percent confidence interval (Cl) = 110.5,161 .l). An analysis of routinely collected crash and hospitalisation data and a case control study were carried out. Cases in the latter study were residents of the WHA or the WSHA, who had driven during the six month study period and been involved in a motor vehicle crash in which at least one casualty was admitted to hospital.

Type: Research and Analysis Report

Sub Type: Grant

Author(s): Close, Kleinberg & Capon

Topics: Injury, Occ protection

Publication Date: 01/01/94