The Road Safety Implications of Unlicensed Driving: A Survey of Unlicensed Drivers

This report documents the findings of a survey of 309 unlicensed driving offenders interviewed at the Brisbane Central Magistrates Court. A wide range of offenders participated in the study including disqualified and suspended drivers, expired licence holders, drivers without a current or appropriate licence, and those who had never been licensed. The results indicate that unlicensed drivers should not be viewed as a homogenous group. Significant differences exist between offender types in terms of their socio-demographic characteristics, whether they were aware of being unlicensed or not, their behaviour while unlicensed, and the factors contributing to their behaviour.

Type: Research and Analysis Report

Sub Type: Grant

Author(s): B Watson

Topics: Behaviour, Enforcement, Licensing training

Publication Date: 01/01/01