OR 13: FORS Serious Injury Database: 1992 Tabulations

This report represents a general set of tabulations for 1992 from the Serious Injury Database compiled by the Federal Office of Road Safety (FORS). More specific review of the 1992 police serious crash data will be provided within FORS’ annual statistical series Road Crashes Resulting in Hospitalisalion, together with analysis of hospital data for that year about road crash admissions. The serious injury database is compiled by FORS from records provided by State and Territory Governments that are derived from local data sets of police records of road crashes resulting in death or hospitalisation. Differences between the source data sets cause the database some unavoidable limitations in scope and precision.

Type: Statistical Data Series

Sub Type: Other Report

Author(s): Intstat Pty Ltd

Topics: Injury, Statistics

Publication Date: 01/08/95