Media release - Working toward a fairer go for First Nations artists

Date published:

The Australian Government has begun work to strengthen the Indigenous Art Code as part of its efforts to protect the rights of First Nations artists and ensure they are treated fairly.

The Indigenous Art Code is a voluntary set of rules and guidelines that dealers commit to follow to ensure the fair and ethical treatment of First Nations artists, providing clear standards so that dealings between dealers and artists are respectful and transparent.

The review of the Code will be conducted with First Nations leadership, with Cox Inall Ridgeway selected to head the work following a competitive procurement process.

A commitment under Revive, the National Cultural Policy, this is the first time the Code has been reviewed since its establishment in 2010. 

The review complements the Government’s broader work to safeguard First Nations traditional knowledge and cultural expressions, including through the development of standalone legislation to address the harm cause by ‘fake art’, merchandise and souvenirs.

The selection of the supplier to oversee the review will mark the first step toward creating change.

The Indigenous Art Code was created to ensure First Nations artists receive a fair go when their work is dealt and sold.

Strengthening the Code will aim to ensure the same respectful treatment is extended for all First Nations artists when marketing and selling their work.

To find out more about the Indigenous Art Code, visit: A fair go for artists | Indigenous Art Code