Evaluating a Non-prescriptive Fatigue Management Strategy for Express Coach Drivers

This project assessed the impact of a number of work-related factors on coach drivers' well-being and performance using a survey completed by 108 drivers. A fatigue management training program based on realistic, difficult scenarios commonly faced by coach drivers was developed to assist drivers to develop more effective coping strategies. An evaluation was conducted after four weeks at which drivers reported positive reactions (self-efficacy and motivation), strong intentions, and high levels of critical in-training, transfer enhancing activities that are regarded as precursors to successful transfer of training. A longer-term evaluation suggested that the training course and the situational exercises were relevant, but that the training course needed to include additional information about managing fatigue, and issues such as improving communication between management and drivers.

Type: Research and Analysis Report

Sub Type: Grant

Author(s): MA Machin, University of Southern Queensland

Topics: Bus coach, Fatigue

Publication Date: 01/01/01