CR 153: Grouping of Fatal Pedestrian Crashes (1996)

This research developed a typology of fatal pedestrian crashes using a multivariate statistical strategy which included homogeneity analysis and k-means clustering. Information on fatal pedestrian crashes was extracted from the 1990 version of the Federal Office of Road Safety's (FORS) "Fatality File" database. This database contained 378 variables recorded for each of 419 fatal pedestrian crashes. Using a hierarchical approach eight clusters were identified. The uniqueness of the solution lies in its hierarchical approach and the uncovering of important variables which could not have been chosen a priori. It is hoped that the results of this research will lead to strategies for the reduction of fatal pedestrian crashes.

Type: Research and Analysis Report

Sub Type: Consultant Report

Author(s): Cairns & Antill

Topics: Fatality, Pedestrian

Publication Date: 01/01/96