CR 133: Literature Review on Vehicle Mass and Size Versus Safety (1993)

A review of the international literature was undertaken to examine the relationshipbetween a vehicle's mass or size and its influence on occupant protection. A number of specific objectives were addressed on this relationship and its consequence for vehicle downsizing in Australia. There was considerableevidence that occupants in larger cars that crash have superior protection tothose in smaller cars. However, the precise relationship between size, mass and safety was complex and not totally clear from this review. While mass appeared to be more relevant in multi-vehicle crashes, size seemed to be important in rollovers and single vehicle collisions generally. The question of whether mass or size has greatest influence on safety is relevant if future car construction emphasises lighter composite materials.

Type: Research and Analysis Report

Sub Type: Consultant Report

Author(s): B N Fildes

Topics: Occ protection, Compatibility, Vehicle design

Publication Date: 01/11/93