Canberra a Capital Place: Report of the Independent Review of the National Capital Authority

The report of the independent review into the roles of the National Capital Authority and the ACT Government in planning the national capital by Dr Allan Hawke AC provided advice to the Federal Government on how to find the right balance for planning responsibilities between the Commonwealth and the ACT Government.

An opportunity for public comment on the Report was available between 12 October 2011 and 18 November 2011. The comments received were considered during the preparation of the Australian Government's response to Dr Hawke's report.

Canberra a capital place—Report of the Independent review of the National Capital Authority

Dr Allan Hawke AC

July 2011

…with the mountains to the south and to the east and the shimmer from the river, the scene invoked a mental, if not a vocal, exclamation: what a magnificent site for one of Australia's future cities.

John Gale, arguably the ‘father of Canberra’, had this prophetic vision on Christmas Day 1855 when riding across the limestone plains to Capital Hill.