2023/14 - Contacts and service information for Jervis Bay Territory residents

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As part of our ongoing focus on customer support, below are up-to-date contacts and guidance for emergencies and service issues.

In the case of an emergency, call 000.

Advice on issues or problems with electricity and water:


In the event of a power outage, your safety should be your highest priority. If you see any fallen or exposed wires, stay at least eight metres away from those lines and call the ARA Electrical fault number immediately (0419 730 104). Check if a power outage is affecting a broad area or isolated to your residence. If it is safe to do so, check in with your neighbours to see if they are affected and check if the street lights are out.

  • If the outage appears to be affecting more than your residence, call the ARA Electrical fault number (0419 730 104).
  • If the outage appears to be only affecting your residence, check your electricity switchboard to see if the circuit breaker has been tripped. If the circuit breaker is in the ‘on’ position and there is still no power, please contact your landlord or property manager (or their after-hour contacts).


During and following rain events, water may appear brownish in colour. This discolouration is due to tannins in the raw water from prolonged rain events.

To help maintain our water systems, Shoalhaven Water regularly undertakes water testing and a scheduled program of water mains flushing across the Territory. The flushing process consists of cleaning the interior of the water system by sending a rapid flow of water through the mains.

If your water colour appears brownish, please check with your neighbours. If the problem does not appear to be isolated to an individual house, contact Shoalhaven Water on 02 4429 3214 so they can investigate the problem.

If you do experience discoloured water, try running your outside tap for 5-10 minutes until the water clears. By running your front garden tap, you will prevent the discoloured water from entering your internal lines. If you notice discoloured water inside the house, start with the front tap and run it until the water clears, then run your backyard tap for a few minutes to help clear the lines inside the house.

Updated contact information is attached, for use as needed. Community members are encouraged to keep the list to hand for easy reference.

Contacts and service information for Jervis Bay Territory residents

Organisation name



JBT Operations

Administration Office Weekdays (9am to 4:30pm)

(02) 4442 2200

Electricity Network Faults (Please contact your landlord or property manager for individual electrical issues in the home)

After hours

0419 730 104

Water Issues (Shoalhaven City Council)

24 hr Number

02 4429 3214

Animal Control Ranger Services in Wreck Bay (WBACC)


0455 730 536

Animal Control Ranger Services in Jervis Bay Village (Shoalhaven City Council)

Office hours After hours

1300 293 111 1300 293 100

Australian Federal Police

Emergency Police Assistance

000 131 444

Rural Fire Services (NSW – Shoalhaven)

24hr Contact Line

02 9123 7837

State Emergency Services (NSW)

24 hr assistance

132 500

House repairs in Wreck Bay Village (WBACC)

24 hr assistance

0497 262 501