Results in on Australians’ 2023 media consumption

The new 2023 Television and Media Survey provides greater insights into how Australians consumed media in the past year.

The survey looks at what media Australians of all ages are consuming, how they are doing it, and what trends are emerging. 

Key findings from the survey include:

  • In the prior 6 months, 42% of Australians had cancelled or downgraded an online streaming subscription service, most commonly due to expense (38% of those who cancelled or downgraded).
  • Sports continue to be a popular screen content choice for Australians, with 51% having watched sports content in the past 7 days.
  • Access to sports content via free-to-air TV is important  The feature of sports content that was most commonly reported as being the most important was that it is freely available on broadcast TV (20%).

The survey also explores what Australians prioritise in the media they consume and what they want from their media services. 

In 2023, respondents had concerns about Generative AI and gambling advertising in media, including:

  • 95% respondents agreed that people should be made aware of how much of the news content they consume online is created by Generative AI.
  • 80% wanted restrictions on permitted advertising, with the most important reason to protect children from inappropriate content followed by limiting advertising content that may encourage bad habits, such as gambling, tobacco, or alcohol use. 

The 2023 Television and Media Survey includes more new material and data on Australian media habits than collected in previous years. 

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