Have your say on the postal services that matter most to you

The Australian Government is calling for submissions to modernise postal services, deliver the services people want and support Australia Post's long-term financial sustainability, as part of a broad stakeholder consultation process.

As technology has advanced, how we use postal services as businesses and individuals has changed. The Australian Government wants to ensure Australia Post continues to provide the services Australians want and need now, and into the future.

Individuals, communities, charity organisations, businesses, Post Office licensees and agents, and the Australia Post workforce are all invited to have their say, to ensure any reforms and modernisations strike the right balance for Australian citizens.

For 213 years, postal services have played a vital role in keeping Australians connected. Australia Post's extended workforce of more than 60,000 people and 4,300 post offices continue to deliver letters, parcels and essentials services to communities and businesses throughout Australia.

Research highlights the impact the digital age is having on the way Australians use the postal service. The average household receives approximately one-third of the number of letters each week compared to 2007, while in contrast almost 1 in 5 retail sales are now completed online and Australia Post delivered more than 500 million parcels in 2021–22.

Post Offices provide valuable postal, financial, identity and government services to Australian communities and remain a key driver of vitality and viability for those living in rural, regional and remote areas.

The Australian Government is committed to helping Australia Post adapt to these changes so that it remains a cherished national institution, providing essential services to Australian communities, and stable employment for tens of thousands of Australians.

To have your say or to find our more, visit infrastructure.gov.au/HYSAusPost. Submissions close 27 April 2023.

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