Changed COVID requirements in effect

The COVID public health directions for Norfolk Island in relation to isolation periods and mask-wearing have now been updated, following recent changes to national protocols.

From 28 September 2022, the isolation period for COVID-19 positive cases has been reduced from seven days to five days, providing people have no symptoms. Workers in a healthcare setting must still isolate for seven days. Updated advice is being provided to positive cases by NIHRACS as required.

From this date, the requirement for wearing masks on public transport (including the school bus, tourist buses and taxis) has been removed. Again, this is in line with changes across Australia. Masks must still be worn at NIHRACS

Mask-wearing on aircraft and at Norfolk Island International Airport also came to an end, from 16 September 2022.

Please refer to the NIHRACS website or Facebook page for regular updates on COVID-19 case numbers, public health advice and vaccination programs.

Continue to maintain a safe distance from others, practise good hand hygiene, wear a mask in public places, cover your coughs and sneezes, stay home if sick and get tested if you develop symptoms.