Updated laws for regulation of National Land, Lakes and Memorials in the Australian Capital Territory

The laws for the management and use of National Land, Lakes (Lake Burley Griffin) and Memorials in Canberra have been updated to ensure they are modern and fit for purpose.

Since self-government was granted to the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) in 1988, the Commonwealth has continued to manage areas of the ACT, known as National Land, under the National Land Ordinance 1989 (the NLO).

The NLO was scheduled to sunset (cease to have effect) from today (1 April 2022). The National Memorials Ordinance 1928 was also due to sunset on 1 April 2022.

The new Ordinances maintain the effect of the old laws, with amendments to reflect modern language and practice and to align with recently updated ACT legislation, where relevant and possible.

The Ordinances come into effect following public consultation on the proposed updated laws over recent months. The Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Communications thanks all stakeholders and individuals who took the time to provide input and feedback, which is accounted for in the new legislation.

The new Australian Capital Territory National Land (Leased) Ordinance 2022 and the Australian Capital Territory National Land (Unleased) Ordinance 2022 provide for leasing upon National Land, such as diplomatic leases, and for the use of unleased National Land that is open to the public, such as parks and roads.

The Australian Capital Territory National Land (Lakes) Ordinance 2022 modernises the laws regulating the management and use of Lake Burley Griffin, in relation to the areas of the Lake located on National Land.

The Australian Capital Territory (National Memorials, Public Places and Territory Divisions) 2022 modernises the laws for the location and character of national memorials, and the naming of public places and suburbs on National Land in the ACT.

It also sets out the governance arrangements for the continuation of the National Memorials Committee. The National Capital Authority (NCA) and the Department, along with other stakeholders, have worked together to remake the Ordinance – with the operational functions under the Ordinance provided by the NCA, particularly secretariat support to the National Memorials Committee.

Now the laws are in place, the Department, alongside relevant stakeholders, will continue to review the application of the new Ordinances to ensure they remain modern, fit for purpose and will best serve the Australian people.

Further information on areas of the ACT that are designated as National Land is available at: www.nca.gov.au/national-land/administration-national-land.

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