End to COVID health directions on Norfolk Island

In line with changes to national protocols, people on Norfolk Island will no longer be required to isolate at home if testing positive to COVID-19, from 14 October 2022.

People who are sick and particularly anyone with confirmed COVID are still strongly encouraged to stay home while they are symptomatic and avoid high-risk settings like healthcare.

All public health directions for Norfolk Island, relating to COVID will come to an end from today.

NIHRACS will continue to implement COVID controls and measures at the health service and within aged care to protect staff and patients. This includes that COVID-19 positive staff and visitors should not enter NIHRACS for seven days from their positive test date and mask-wearing requirements remaining within NIHRACS.

We thank the Norfolk Island community and visitors for their efforts to keep themselves and others safe.

Please refer to the NIHRACS website or Facebook page for regular updates on COVID-19 case numbers, public health advice and vaccination programs.

Continue to maintain a safe distance from others, practise good hand hygiene, wear a mask in public places, cover your coughs and sneezes, stay home if sick and get tested if you develop symptoms.

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