ACMA Review

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The ACMA Review examines the objectives, functions, performance, governance and resource base of the ACMA to ensure it remains fit-for-purpose for both the contemporary and future communications regulatory environment. The Review has also incorporated the broad requirements of the Government’s Contestability Programme and Regulator Performance Framework to assess the efficiency of the ACMA and its administration of communications laws and regulations.


On 12 June 2015, the then Minister for Communications, the Hon Malcolm Turnbull MP, announced a review of the ACMA and released the terms of reference.

The ACMA is responsible for the regulation of the broadcasting, telecommunications radiocommunications and internet industries in Australia. The ACMA is an independent agency established by the Australian Communications and Media Authority Act 2005.

In conducting the Review, we undertook an initial public consultation and released an issues paper on 13 July 2015. Consultation on the issues paper closed on 10 August 2015 with public submissions available on the initial consultation page.

Process and Timing

The review is being conducted by the Department of Communications and the Arts. We will provide a final report to the Minister for Communications and the Arts in mid-2016.

Reference Group

A reference group of Australian and international communications and regulatory experts have been a source of advice for the Review. The views in the draft report are those of the Department rather than the reference group, unless otherwise stated. A list of the reference group members and their biographies is available below.