RVS legislation, guides and resources

To support the safety, environmental and anti-theft performance of all road vehicles being provided to the Australian market for the first time, the new Road Vehicle Standards (RVS) legislation is replacing the existing Motor Vehicle Standards Act 1989 (MVSA).

Please keep checking this page as we will be adding more information as soon as it becomes available.

Please visit the Road Vehicle Standards legislation implementation page for more information.

Resources available:

ROVER resources

The Road Vehicle Regulator (ROVER) system integrates all applications and approvals under the new Road Vehicle Standards (RVS) legislation.

For available resources visit ROVER resources.

Transition to Road Vehicle Standards Act 2018—Guidance Materials

This document provides the plan for how content from Administrator's Circulars and other MVSA guidance material will transition to RVSA guidance material.

Approval pathways for entry on the Register of Approved Vehicles (RAV)

The Road Vehicle Standards Act 2018 (RVSA) establishes the Register of Approved Vehicles (RAV), which will be an online, publicly searchable database of vehicles approved for use on Australian roads.

There are two ways road vehicles may be entered on the RAV. The illustration below provides information on the two pathways by which a vehicle may be entered on the RAV under the Roads Vehicle Standards (RVS) legislation:

  • Vehicle type approval pathway
  • Concessional RAV entry approval pathway

diagram showing the approval pathways for entry on the Register of Approved Vehicles (RAV)

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Testing facilities resources

We are ready for more applications for testing facilities under the RVS legislation to be submitted. Apply in ROVER.

Access a list of approved testing facilities in ROVER.

These resources provide further information for applicants who wish to apply for a testing facility approval.

For more information on how to apply please visit the Testing facilities page.

Component type approvals

Applications for a component type approval are now open!

Each component type approval that is in force is published in the list of component type approvals. Access a list of component type approvals in ROVER.

NEW: Component type approval holders are now able to initiate a vary, suspend or revoke from their list of approvals in ROVER.

These resources provide further information for applicants who wish to apply for a component type approval.

  • Overview of Component Type Approvals PDF: 540 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Guide to Component Type Approvals PDF: 15920 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Position Paper - Component Type Approval - test reports not completed by an RVS approved testing facility PDF: 4438 KB ReadSpeaker

For more information please visit the Component type approvals page.

Low ATM trailers

Under the RVS legislation, every road vehicle, including trailers, will need to have certain vehicle and compliance information listed on an online database known as the Register of Approved Vehicles (RAV) before they may be provided to consumers for the first time in Australia.

For further information about importing trailers under the RVS legislation, please visit the Low ATM trailers page.

Specialist and enthusiast vehicles

  • Interim arrangements - Guidance for importing a road vehicle that is at least 25 years old into Australia PDF: 7360 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Interim arrangements - Guidance relating to specialist and enthusiast vehicles PDF: 2949 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Interim arrangements - lists of eligible and ineligible vehicles PDF: 122 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Interim SEVS - importing sample vehicle PDF: 450 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Interim SEVS - importing subsequent vehicles PDF: 449 KB ReadSpeaker

The Roads Vehicle Standards legislation

The Road Vehicle Standards package of legislation includes:

Glossary of terms

The Road Vehicle Standards (RVS) legislation - Glossary of terms provides a comprehensive list of acronyms and terms used in RVS policies, procedures and guidance material.

Cost Recovery Implementation Statement

The Cost Recovery Implementation Statement provides information on how the department undertakes cost recovery arrangements for administrative and regulatory activities under the Road Vehicle Standards legislation.

  • Cost Recovery Implementation Statement—Road Vehicle Standards 2020–21 PDF: 1170 KB ReadSpeaker


Last Updated: 22 January, 2021