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Changes as a result of the delayed commencement of the Road Vehicle Standards legislation

The Australian Government recognises that some stakeholders have been adversely affected by the postponement of the commencement of the Road Vehicle Standards (RVS) legislation.

It is not the Government’s intention to unnecessarily disadvantage businesses or individuals as a result of this decision. The Government therefore intends to implement a range of measures to minimise the negative impact of the postponement on affected stakeholders.

In essence, this will entail enabling access to specialist, enthusiast and older vehicles (vehicles older than 25 years old) that would been available under the RVS legislation had it commenced. The Government has commenced working with industry representative organisations on the detail of these measures to enable practical implementation from 10 December 2019.

More detailed information will be published on this website once this work has been finalised. For more detailed information on changes that will apply to Registered Automotive Workshops, please see the RAWS website.