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Guidelines for Product Safety Recalls

The Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC) is the main authority on product recalls, including for vehicles. The links below set out the guidelines and procedures for recalling vehicles and components that have safety-related defects. A defect could be a design or construction fault, which is likely to cause significant risk to road users.

Guidance to help suppliers plan for and respond to the recall of potentially unsafe consumer products is available in the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission Consumer Product Safety Recall Guidelines

Another place to obtain information about product recalls is from the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI). A number of automotive companies are members of the FCAI. The FCAI has a Code of Practice for Conduct of an Automotive Safety Recall, This code of practice is used in conjunction with the ACCC procedures (this industry code is tailored to motor vehicle recalls).

Manufacturer, Distributor or Supplier's Responsibility

It's the manufacturer, distributor or supplier's responsibility to inform the ACCC and the Vehicle Safety Standards Branch of the Department of Infrastructure, Regional Development and Cities where a safety recall has been identified.

To advise the ACCC of a recall.

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A Chinese translation of the product safety information is also available.

To advise the Department of a recall.

Monthly Reporting on Recall Progress

The Vehicle Safety Standards Branch monitors progress of voluntary recalls for road vehicles in the Australian market. Manufacturers and suppliers should provide VSSB with monthly updates on the progress of these recalls.

Progress reports should be provided within fourteen days after the end of each calendar month. These reports should include for each recall the total number of affected vehicles and the number of vehicles rectified in the previous month. VSSB may also request any additional information about the recall.

As of 30 September 2018, vehicle recall progress reports should be submitted to VSSB using a standard template. VSSB will continue to accept recall updates in the format they currently use until 30 November 2018.

Voluntary Recall Rectification Notification Template XLS: 74 KB

This template is only for the progress updates of existing voluntary recalls. It should not be used to notify the ACCC or VSSB of new recalls, or for reporting on compulsory recalls.

Monthly recall progress reports should be emailed to


Last Updated: 1 August, 2019