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Registration for organisations

Applying on your organisation's behalf

Registration for an organisation may be performed by an internal representative of the organisation (known as a corporate agent) through the Client Portal.

The representative needs to confirm that they have authority to act on behalf of the organisation through the provision of a letter of authorisation when registering. Letters of authorisation must contain certain types of information as outlined in the Letter of authorisation page.

Once registered, the client portal may be used to submit applications on behalf of the organisation. Additional representatives may also be added using the “My Agents” section and selecting add Corporate Agent.

Organisation details—such as the organisation name and company number—are verified against the registers of the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). Agents should ensure that details provided to the Department match the details held by these registers.

Using an agent

Organisations may use the services of agents external to the organisation such as customs brokers or freight forwarders to submit an application and correspond with the Department on your behalf. These external agents are known as Freelance Agents.

To do this, a company representative will use the “My Agents” section of their portal to nominate the freelance agent. To be nominated, the freelance agent must already be registered.

Freelance agents that are registered with the Department are not verified, cleared or endorsed by the Department. Importers will need to conduct their own checks as to whether the agent they select is suitable for them.

To submit your application

Once registered, you may complete and submit an application. An overview of the process is available at the Submit your application page.

To update Organisation details

After registration changes to organisation details will need to be done by contacting the Department.


Last Updated: 17 June, 2016