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Letter of Authorisation

An applicant (individual or organisation) may either nominate an agent to act on their behalf through their client portal, or an individual may provide a letter of authorisation to act on their behalf.

The department will accept as evidence of the agent's authority to act, a letter which includes (at a minimum) the following information:

  • A statement authorising the agent to act on behalf of the applicant, including:
  • The applicant's name, contact details and signature.
  • The agent's name, company details, contact details and signature.
  • Proof of the agent's identity.
  • An acknowledgement that the agent and the applicant understand the implications of providing false and misleading information to the department (giving false or misleading information is a serious offence. Offences are set out in Part 7.4 of the Criminal Code. Maximum penalties include imprisonment for up to 12 months).

Authorising an agent to act on your behalf will allow the agent to submit a vehicle import application and provide information in relation to obtaining a vehicle import approval on your behalf. The department may seek information from the authorised agent in relation to the import application. This may include personal information including but not limited to:

  • Your visa details.
  • Date you moved / intend to move to Australia.
  • Date you purchased and registered the vehicle.

The department may disclose personal information to the authorised agent regarding the import application or approval including, but not limited to:

  • Conditions of the import approval.
  • Information provided to the department regarding a previous import application.

The department may deal with an agent as though they were dealing with the applicant.

An authorisation letter gives the agent the right to act on your behalf. This sample letter DOCX: 15 KB PDF: 447 KB includes the fundamental information the department requires to engage with the selected agent submitting a vehicle import application on your behalf. You will need to complete the details and apply the sample letter to your company letterhead.


Last Updated: 17 May, 2018