Vehicles in Transit Option

The purpose of the option

This option allows the importation of vehicles for the purpose of having modification, repair or other work performed on the vehicle. The vehicle is to be re-exported without being used in transport in Australia.

For example, this option caters for vehicles that have been brought to an Australian secondary manufacture facility.

How to apply

To apply for a Vehicle Import Approval under the Vehicles in Transit option, you should provide to the Department:

  • Proof of vehicle ownership, or if you are conducting work on behalf of the owner, their letter of authorisation.
  • A statement of what work is intended to be carried out on the vehicle, including the duration the vehicle will be in Australia for.

These documents are in addition to the documents required when you register on the portal. Refer to the How to apply page for further information.

The information provided on this page should be used as guidance material only for importing a vehicle into Australia. Please familiarise yourself with the relevant legislation prior to lodging an application.


Last Updated: 17 June, 2016