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Australian Plated Vehicles Option

This arrangement is established under Section 17 of the Motor Vehicle Standards Act 1989.

The purpose of the option

The Australian Plated Vehicles option covers road vehicles originally sourced within Australia but subsequently exported. For example, the vehicle may have accompanied the owner on an overseas holiday or tour.

The arrangement allows the vehicle to be re-imported. The arrangement only applies to Australian standard (i.e. certified) vehicles. Applicants are to provide a photo of the vehicle's identification plate.

examples of vehicles identification plate

The vehicle being re-imported is to be the same as the vehicle that was previously exported. If a vehicle has been converted into a different automotive product (such as a replica car or stretched) while overseas, the vehicle no longer qualifies under these arrangements and would have to seek import approval under another option.

How to apply

To apply under this arrangement, you should provide to the Department:

  • A clear photo of the Australian identification plate fitted to the vehicle.
  • Proof of ownership document (i.e. purchase invoice/receipt, statement, registration documents).
  • If the vehicle has been or is to be modified—a statement setting out what modifications have been made to the vehicle.

These documents are in addition to the documents required when you register on the portal. Refer to the How to apply page for further information.

The information provided on this page should be used as guidance material only for importing a vehicle into Australia. Please familiarise yourself with the relevant legislation prior to lodging an application.


Last Updated: 24 January, 2019