Letter of Compliance Option

This option is covered by Regulation 12 of the Motor Vehicle Standards Regulations 1989.

What is a Letter of Compliance?

A Letter of Compliance is a statement issued by a holder of an Identification Plate Approval (IPA) stating that a vehicle complied with Australian Design Rules (ADRs) (other than the requirement to fit an identification plate) at the time the vehicle was first delivered for use in transport.

It is important to note that not all IPA holders will issue a Letter of Compliance.

Please note that a Certificate of Conformity issued by an overseas vehicle manufacturer or motor vehicle dealer is not a Letter of Compliance.

Who can issue a Letter of Compliance?

Only an “authorised person” who represents the holder of the IPA in Australia for the particular vehicle model can issue a Letter of Compliance. The details of IPA holders and the persons permitted to issue a Letter of Compliance are available via the RVCS Certification Unit Search. Please follow the search instructions using the vehicle's make and model details.

Documents and/or approvals produced by this Department do not constitute a Letter of Compliance.

What is required for a vehicle to be considered under the Letter of Compliance Option?

The vehicle's manufacturer held a valid IPA under section 10A(1) or 10A(2) of the Motor Vehicle Standards Act 1989 at the time the particular vehicle was manufactured, and that approval covered vehicles of the type specified in the application.

The applicant is of an age to hold a license for vehicles of the type.

Importers can import only one vehicle per year under these arrangements.

How to apply

To apply for a Vehicle Import Approval for a vehicle using a Letter of Compliance, you should provide to the Department:

  • Proof of ownership document (purchase invoice/receipt, statement, registration documents) and
  • The Letter of Compliance

These documents are in addition to the documents required when you register on the portal. Refer to the How to apply page for further information.

The information provided on this page should be used as guidance material only for importing a vehicle into Australia. Please familiarise yourself with the relevant legislation prior to lodging an application.


Last Updated: 21 February, 2018