Interim measure: applying to import vehicles older than 25 years

As per the Department’s recent announcement, a range of measures are being implemented to assist with the adverse consequences of postponing the commencement of the Road Vehicle Standards (RVS) legislation.

One of these measures is to allow early import of older vehicles (vehicles older than 25 years), which would have been available under the RVS legislation had it commenced. Applications for older vehicles will be able to be made from 10 December 2019.

Please note: applications for vehicles manufactured before 1989 must use Vehicles Manufactured Before 1989 Option.


To be eligible under this option, the vehicle must meet the eligibility criteria under section 36 of the Road Vehicle Standards Rules 2019.

The vehicle must meet one of the following categories:

  • Passenger Car (MA)
  • Forward-control Passenger Vehicle (MB)
  • Off-road Passenger Vehicle (MC)
  • Moped – 2 wheels (LA)
  • Moped – 3 wheels (LB)
  • Motor cycle (LC)
  • Motor cycle and side-car (LD)
  • Motor tricycle (LE), or
  • Light Goods Vehicle (NA)

The vehicle must have a relevant build date that is at least 25 years before the date of the application. The relevant build date is the later of:

  • the date that assembly of the vehicle was first completed, or
  • if there are significant modifications, the date that the last of any significant modifications were completed.

How do I apply?

Until full commencement of the RVS legislation, you should follow the application process under the Motor Vehicle Standards (MVS) legislation for Vehicles Manufactured before 1989.

When completing the application:

  • select that you want to import a vehicle manufactured before 1989
  • complete the confirmation
  • attach relevant documents (i.e. purchase documents and documents to assist us to assess the vehicle)
  • when asked whether you are eligible, select ‘No
  • This will prompt the field, ‘You have indicated that you are not eligible to import a vehicle under one or more of the prescribed options. For each of these vehicles, are you prepared to explain why you think an import approval should be issued and attach additional supporting information’ – select ‘yes
  • Enter the relevant build date
  • In the field, ‘You have stated that your vehicle was manufactured after 1 January 1989. As such your vehicle is not eligible under this scheme. If you want to try another scheme press back. If you want to continue, please make a statement explaining why you think an import approval should be issued for your vehicle’, state that you are applying to import a vehicle under the ‘older than 25 year’ option. You will need to specify your vehicle is from one of the eligible vehicle categories, if your vehicle is a light commercial vehicle, provide the GVM of the vehicle. You may be requested to provide evidence to support the claimed build month/year, the GVM, the VIN/Chassis and vehicle category. Where a vehicle has undergone significant modification further information will be required
  • Complete the remaining questions

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us on 1800 815 727 (within Australia) or +61 2 6274 7444 (outside Australia), or via email to


Last Updated: 31 October, 2019