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Other issues

Q. I have lost my Vehicle Import Approval. Can I get a replacement?
Please advise the Department in writing and confirm the address where the replacement should be posted.

Q. I have gone to get my vehicle registered but the VIN is invalid. What should I do?
All vehicles supplied to the Australian market should have a world manufacturers' identification (WMI) 17 digit number, called the vehicle identification number (VIN). Please confirm that the number on your import approval exactly matches the VIN on the vehicle. If not, send back the original Vehicle Import Approval and we will amend it. If yes, contact your state or territory registration authority to be issued a new VIN. If your vehicle does not have a VIN you should contact your vehicle manufacturer to be issued a number.

Q. What happens if I discover I have an error (eg name spelling, VIN) on my Vehicle Import Approval?
You should send the original Vehicle Import Approval document back to the Department with a covering letter and any supporting documents. We will endeavour to correct any errors as fast as possible.

Q. I am purchasing/insuring/registering a vehicle already imported into Australia. How can I check if the vehicle has a Vehicle Import Approval?
You need to send a request in writing to the Department with your contact details and the vehicle details—e.g. make, model, VIN/chassis number. If the vehicle does have a valid approval, the Department can send confirmation. This letter can act as the Vehicle Import Approval for registration purposes.

Q. Can I sell a vehicle for which I have been given a Vehicle Import Approval?
Yes. If a vehicle has met the requirements for import approval and initial registration, there is no restriction preventing the subsequent sale of an imported vehicle unless conditions have been applied to the Approval.

Q. DITR has appeared on my bank statement. What does DITR stand for?
DITR is an abbreviation of the ‘Department of Infrastructure and Transport’. This abbreviation will appear as the ‘payee’ on your bank statement after you have paid the $50 application fee to Vehicle Imports.

Q. Why do I get the message ‘Runtime Error’ or ‘Server Error’ when uploading my online application?
A Runtime or Server error message will appear when your internet service provider or your email transmission capacity is limited to less than the total size of the documents you are trying to transmit. This is an application, browser or server error on your computer or with your provider. To rectify this error you will need to either reduce the size of the documents you are attaching to your application or contact your provider to have your server capacity increased.

Q. How to obtain a refund for an overpayment with a credit card?
The Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development (the Department) is unable to refund you directly. The Department operates differently to a retailer in that your card details are not collected by the Department.

To dispute a card transactions please contact your financial provider. You will need to provide the details of the transaction including but not limited to the date, and customer reference number (CRN) for the transaction. In the case of a duplicate payment you will need to provide the details of both transactions.


Last Updated: 18 July, 2014