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Public Submissions to the Discussion Paper

Aaron Chapman PDF: 20 KB ReadSpeaker
Aaron Chapman (2) PDF: 18 KB ReadSpeaker
ABMARC Withheld
Adelaide City Council PDF: 527 KB ReadSpeaker
AGL Energy PDF: 229 KB ReadSpeaker
Anika Molesworth PDF: 127 KB ReadSpeaker
Anna Mortimore PDF: 608 KB ReadSpeaker
Asian Clean Fuels Association PDF: 6228 KB ReadSpeaker
Australian Automobile Association (AAA) PDF: 999 KB ReadSpeaker
Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association (AAAA) PDF: 835 KB ReadSpeaker
Australian Automotive Dealers Association (AADA) PDF: 527 KB ReadSpeaker
Australian Conservation Foundation PDF: 873 KB ReadSpeaker
Australian Institute of Petroleum (AIP) PDF: 1188 KB ReadSpeaker
Australian Taxi Industry Association Withheld
Australian Trucking Association PDF: 183 KB ReadSpeaker
Biofuels Association of Australia Withheld
BMW Group PDF: 168 KB ReadSpeaker
Bosch (Australia) PDF: 797 KB ReadSpeaker
BP PDF: 106 KB ReadSpeaker
Brake, the road safety charity PDF: 313 KB ReadSpeaker
Brisbane City Council PDF: 1714 KB ReadSpeaker
BRP Canada PDF: 50 KB ReadSpeaker
Bus Industry Confederation PDF: 249 KB ReadSpeaker
Business Council of Australia PDF: 2571 KB ReadSpeaker
Caltex PDF: 601 KB ReadSpeaker
CHOICE PDF: 791 KB ReadSpeaker
Christopher Dalitz PDF: 419 KB ReadSpeaker
Clean Air Society of Australia and New Zealand Inc. (CASANZ) PDF: 159 KB ReadSpeaker
ClimateWorks and Electric Vehicle Ecosystem representatives PDF: 2016 KB ReadSpeaker
ClimateWorks and Future Climate Australia PDF: 4773 KB ReadSpeaker
Confidential submission Confidential
Doctors for the Environment PDF: 319 KB ReadSpeaker
Ducati Motor Holdings Spa Italy PDF: 48 KB ReadSpeaker
Electric Vehicle Systems Technology PDF: 116 KB ReadSpeaker
Environment and Planning Directorate - ACT Government PDF: 274 KB ReadSpeaker
Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI) PDF: 1149 KB ReadSpeaker
Ford Motor Company Australia PDF: 2018 KB ReadSpeaker
Gary Fooks PDF: 3287 KB ReadSpeaker
Gas Energy Australia PDF: 228 KB ReadSpeaker
Global Fuel Economy Initiative PDF: 682 KB ReadSpeaker
GM Holden PDF: 119 KB ReadSpeaker
GOFAR Withheld
Good Technologies PDF: 191 KB ReadSpeaker
Government of South Australia PDF: 977 KB ReadSpeaker
Great Wall Vehicles PDF: 232 KB ReadSpeaker
HAVAL vehicles PDF: 225 KB ReadSpeaker
HEMS Global PDF: 335 KB ReadSpeaker
Hobsons Bay City Council PDF: 741 KB ReadSpeaker
Honeywell Polymers PDF: 221 KB ReadSpeaker
Huxmills PDF: 345 KB ReadSpeaker
Hyundai Motor Company Australia PDF: 392 KB ReadSpeaker
Indian Motorcycle and Victory Motorcycles PDF: 213 KB ReadSpeaker
Kawasaki Motors PDF: 174 KB ReadSpeaker
Kristian Cruickshank PDF: 134 KB ReadSpeaker
Lake Macquarie City Council PDF: 1430 KB ReadSpeaker
Manufacturers of Emission Controls Association PDF: 55 KB ReadSpeaker
Mazda Australia PDF: 167 KB ReadSpeaker
Mercedes-Benz Australia/Pacific PDF: 152 KB ReadSpeaker
Mitsubishi Motors Australia PDF: 591 KB ReadSpeaker
Mobil Oil PDF: 100 KB ReadSpeaker
Motor Trades Association Queensland PDF: 525 KB ReadSpeaker
National Transport Commission (NTC) PDF: 138 KB ReadSpeaker
NHMRC Centre for Air quality and Health Research and Evaluation PDF: 176 KB ReadSpeaker
Nissan Motor Co Australia PDF: 401 KB ReadSpeaker
NSW Advisory Committee on Tunnel Air Quality (amended) PDF: 305 KB ReadSpeaker
Origin Energy PDF: 197 KB ReadSpeaker
Refrigerants Australia PDF: 90 KB ReadSpeaker
Sally Perini PDF: 54 KB ReadSpeaker
The Climate Institute PDF: 236 KB ReadSpeaker
Timothy Ryan PDF: 22 KB ReadSpeaker
Toyota Motor Corporation Australia PDF: 197 KB ReadSpeaker
Tritium PDF: 255 KB ReadSpeaker
Triumph Motorcycle Company UK PDF: 48 KB ReadSpeaker
Truck Industry Council PDF: 864 KB ReadSpeaker
Vipac Engineers and Scientists PDF: 3500 KB ReadSpeaker
Viva Energy Australia Withheld
W.D.Fallow PDF: 1339 KB ReadSpeaker
Wayne Jones PDF: 16 KB ReadSpeaker
WWF Australia PDF: 638 KB ReadSpeaker