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Whole Journey Guide Public Submissions

Below is a link to a list of submissions provided to the Department. Submissions marked confidential or those that were determined to contain private or confidential information have not been provided. All submissions provided to the Department were given consideration in the conduct of the review.

The material in the submissions presented on this website in relation to the Whole Journey: A guide for thinking beyond compliance to create accessible public transport journeys includes views or recommendations of third parties which do not necessarily reflect the views of the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development or indicate its commitment to a particular course of action.

NoSubmission AuthorSubmission Link
1 Curtis, Andrew PDF: 89 KB ReadSpeaker
2 Deaf Blind Association PDF: 151 KB ReadSpeaker
3 Ryan, Mrs Margaret Anne PDF: 370 KB ReadSpeaker
4 Department of Transport and Main Roads (Qld) PDF: 1365 KB ReadSpeaker
5 Disability Services Commissioner Victoria PDF: 432 KB ReadSpeaker
6 Western Australian Local Government Association PDF: 929 KB ReadSpeaker
7 Planning Institute Australia PDF: 114 KB ReadSpeaker
8 Equal Opportunity Tasmania PDF: 1875 KB ReadSpeaker
9 McPherson, John PDF: 342 KB ReadSpeaker
10 Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics (NT) PDF: 941 KB ReadSpeaker
11 Assistive Technology Suppliers Australasian Association PDF: 96 KB ReadSpeaker
12 Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services (Qld) PDF: 382 KB ReadSpeaker
13 Edmondson, Elizabeth PDF: 154 KB ReadSpeaker
14 Department Planning Transport and Infrastructure Accessibility Advisory Committee (SA) PDF: 496 KB ReadSpeaker
15 Eric Martin and Associates PDF: 361 KB ReadSpeaker
16 Inclusion Australia PDF: 389 KB ReadSpeaker
17 In-confidence submission N/A
18 Multiple Sclerosis Australia PDF: 115 KB ReadSpeaker
19 Queenslanders with Disability Network Ltd PDF: 393 KB ReadSpeaker
20 Association of Consultant in Access Australia PDF: 319 KB ReadSpeaker
21 Australian Blindness Forum PDF: 131 KB ReadSpeaker
22 Blind Citizens Australia PDF: 135 KB ReadSpeaker
23 Donohue, Brendon PDF: 100 KB ReadSpeaker
24 In-confidence submission N/A
25 Harrison, Zack PDF: 117 KB ReadSpeaker
26 Heart Foundation PDF: 173 KB ReadSpeaker
27 Kingsborough Council PDF: 220 KB ReadSpeaker
28 In-confidence submission N/A
29 Spinal Life Australia PDF: 89 KB ReadSpeaker
30 Sunshine Coast Council PDF: 108 KB ReadSpeaker
31 Vision Australia PDF: 163 KB ReadSpeaker
32 Australian Institute of Architects PDF: 120 KB ReadSpeaker
33 Carers NSW and Carers Victoria PDF: 396 KB ReadSpeaker
34 Cerebral Palsy Support Network PDF: 74 KB ReadSpeaker
35 National Association of Women in Construction PDF: 273 KB ReadSpeaker
36 Public Transport Ombudsman Victoria PDF: 552 KB ReadSpeaker
37 Virgin Australia PDF: 107 KB ReadSpeaker
38 Brisbane City Council PDF: 2790 KB ReadSpeaker
39 Brisbane Residents United PDF: 1409 KB ReadSpeaker
40 In-confidence submission N/A
41 Spinal Cord Injuries Australia PDF: 554 KB ReadSpeaker
42 Arthritis Australia PDF: 427 KB ReadSpeaker
43 Transdev Australia PDF: 482 KB ReadSpeaker


Last Updated: 1 December, 2017