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Review of Norfolk Island's emergency management governance arrangements

Norfolk Island is exposed to a range of potential emergency and disaster risks including (but not limited to) drought and water scarcity, fire, cyclone, aircraft or marine vessel accident and pandemic. While the people of Norfolk Island are known for their self-sufficiency and resilience, the remoteness and isolation of the Island make it important to have arrangements in place that appropriately support the Norfolk Island community to effectively prevent, prepare for, respond to and recover from emergencies and disasters.

With responsibility for governance arrangements (including laws) and a range of services for Norfolk Island, the department has engaged independent consultant Cube Group to conduct a review of the existing emergency management governance arrangements on Norfolk Island. In the current environment including an ongoing water scarcity threat, a recent cyclone near-miss, and active COVID-19 response, this review is timely and a high priority.

The role of local resources including community members, local government and agency and services representatives is critical in effective emergency and disaster management.

Your input to the Review is important so future improvements to the emergency management arrangements can best meet the needs of the Norfolk community.

What will the Review be looking at?

The overarching questions for the Review are:

  • How are Norfolk Island’s current emergency management arrangements working, and what are the key strengths, gaps and risks?
  • How do Norfolk Island emergency management arrangements compare to similar jurisdictions and what can we learn from their experience?
  • What is required to enable robust and mature emergency management arrangements for the Norfolk Island community into the future?

How can I have my say?

The department and Cube Group are strongly committed to community engagement in line with appropriate COVID-19 safety precautions. The Review Team will engage with the Norfolk Island community throughout the review process using online surveys and an online discussion board, in accordance with the Norfolk Island Community Engagement Framework.

Cube Group will ask for your views on how the emergency management arrangements are currently operating, how you get information, how prepared you feel, and where there may be gaps, ambiguities, inconsistencies or risks. Cube will also ask you about opportunities for improvement and seek to test future options with you. Please share your views and have your say via the community survey which can be accessed here.

The Review Team will also engage with a range of other emergency management stakeholders including the department, Norfolk Island Regional Council, Councillors, Emergency Management Norfolk Island (EMNI), the Office of the Administrator, Emergency Management Australia and other agencies and service providers that interact with emergency management arrangements.

Where can I get more information?

The Review is being conducted by independent consultants Cube Group who can be contacted via email on

Relevant media releases:

For more information about Emergency Management Norfolk Island (EMNI) visit:

For more information about emergency management, visit Emergency Management Australia.